Five Questions and Answers asked by Buyers and Sellers

1.  Why should I use a real estate salesperson?  Real Estate Salesperson acts on your behalf as your agent providing you with advice and guidance helping you by or sell a home.  The internet has opened up a whole wide world of information.  This information is almost current but not completely current.  When you need the most current information it is very beneficial to use a real estate salesperson.

2.  I want to buy a home should I act as my own agent or get a buyer's agent to assist me?  You probably do not have the necessary knowledge to properly represent yourself.  A buyer's agent represents your best interest.  If you decide to work with the seller's agent there are divided loyalties as they are working with the seller as well.  They will sign a "dual agency" and then they will represent you and the seller.

3.  When purchasing a home, what upgrades should we go for?  What holds the most value?  Are you purchasing as a home or as an investment?  Upgrades are high-profit items for builders.  They are not designed to enhance the home, but makes you happier with the home you purchase.  If an investment then you spend minimal amounts on upgrades.  If a home then you purchase upgrades that will enhance the quality of your living.  Always upgrade the carpet and padding.

4.  Who decides where the closing will be?  The buyer closing attorney will determine where the closing will take place.

5.  How do I determine how much my house is worth?  You may have to review this with several realtors and get several options and assessments.  If you over improve your home this means that the value will most not likely be what you think it is.