An Incredible Manchester - Essex Educational Team at By The Sea Sotheby's Realty Meeting today 1/31/2017

Guest speakers today included Pamela Beaudoin, superintendent, Tricia Puglisi, high school principal, Joanne Maino, middle school principal and John Willis, principal of manchester memorial.

Incredible team of supporters and educators came to Sotheby's and shared why Manchester-Essex School District is one of the level one schools within this quintessential area of the Northshore. Pamela Beaudoin opened with this is a supportive community with parents and teachers/educators pulling in the same direction together.  Also, commenting on the brand new elementary school in Manchester By The Sea is targeting Spring of 2019 for the design and cost should be coming down the road.  Tricia Puglisi commented that the community is extremely supportive and it is a dream to come to work everyday.  That is the feeling that I left with today after the meeting.  If you are thinking of moving into this area, it is an excellent choice.  It is school district that works hard to differentiate themselves from the other districts.   

Thank you to this dynamic team!!!  We loved having them.